Image credit: Magda Sibley

The subject “Eco-hammam Architecture and Interior Ambiances: The experiences of hammam users and staff” was discussed during the virtual forum of February 25, 2021, the recordings of which are accessible on this web page and on the facebook page al Mi’mâr by our project partner @ ENAMarrakech2020:

Video Recording

  • Minute 0 Dr Magda Sibley, Cardiff University, Opening
  • Minute 6:35 Mr. Bennis Abdelhadi, President of the Environment Club, Association Ribat Al Fath
  • Minute 27:05 Ms. Khadija Kadiri, Cooperative Listijmam WaRaha
  • Minute 43:19 Discussion
  • Minute 1:33:44 Prof. Abdeslam Taleb, Process and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mohammedia
  • Minute 1:56:54 Ms. Imane Taleb, ENA FES
  • Minute 2:06:14 Discussion
  • Minute 2:59:39 Dr Heidi Dumreicher – Oikodrom, Vienna
  • Minute 3:14:50 Dr Magda Sibley, Cardiff University
  • Minute 3:38:45 Discussion and closing, Dr Magda Sibley, Cardiff University